Posted on April 05 2018

I've always hated camera. I've been camerafobic all my life. This was one of the biggest things I was so scared of to come out and put myself and face out there. It caused me nightmares and a huge anxiaty even just thinking about it. I'm introverted and people like me don't tend to like attention. I'm in the inner world, not in the outer. But because of the character of my project creating a small comfortable clothing line I knew I needed to show my face and who I'm so I had to stand in front of the camera. After feeling totally paralyzed or being overly active I started to relax and find myself there somewhere. I could have used someone else doing this job for me but this's how it all ended and I guess for a reason. If it follows all the correct marketing rules I can't care about at the moment. This's what I needed to do, just stand and be myself when the camera is set to interval shooting. This is a One Woman's Project and I'm that woman. So here I am today and I'm sure there will be other voices in the future when the time is in. We're in a constant evolution.



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