Clothes should be easy


Posted on March 21 2018

Once I started to imagine how our clothes should look like there was one thing which was essential. They should be easy to wear. The piece of clothing should be something you just easily wrap around or throw on you in the morning and you would be ready for the day. What is nicer that a great kimono top for that. The feel of linen becomes incredibly nice and even luxurious in the flowing clothes. This kimono fits nicely around the body and the sleeves gives it beautiful movement. This's CAARIA's home kimono and it comes in three different thicknesses of linen. Light for those who love the airy breathing feel, medium gives steadiness but doesn't get too rough and the slightly heavier linen in 185g gives the fabric more structure and roughness. 


Linen home kimono I Off white


You find the CAARIA kimonos here.


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