Linen heals.


Posted on May 15 2018

How clothes can make us feel good? It's not only about the styles and colours but also how materials effect on us on a deeper level. There's something else what happens when wearing linen which is more difficult to explain. It feels somehow healing. It feels like it gives you some sort of magical soothing effect when the energy of your physical body comes to balance. I can't describe this any better. And when your physical body or the energy in it is in balance it affects even your mental state. In some funny way I feel happier, more harmonious and joyful. My body feels better and the mind more joyful. What this all is about I can't really say but materials feel completely different or that the materials make you feel different. Can linen be somehow sacred? At least it has been used for thousands of years. Anyway it's an easy therapy to use all day long. Try it! 

Linen clothes for women. Coverup in white linen.


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