Preorders in 2019


Posted on January 06 2019

UPDATE 1.3.2019

OUR LEAD TIME CURRENTLY generally approximately 7-10 days (up to 14 days max) meaning when you leave your order it takes approximately 7-10 days until it's ready for shipping. So we're getting faster and you'll be able to start to enjoy your clothes sooner. These are happy news. In extrem situations the lead time can get prolonged to 14 days.

And so started 2019. We've been working hard the whole last autumn to create even clearer image for our brand. We got a new logo, sharper niche, new styles, new materials and fabrics, new more professional photos and basically a whole new team. It was an intense couple of months and it will continue so to bring the type of clothes to you what we truly believe you'll like.


preorders Shipping in 7-10d

Slowly, slowly

We'll launch all the products in a peaceful pace to give them a well-deserved focus. Many of us has got tired to the continues pushing and we let our clothes find to their new homes in a suitable pace. 

New styles monthly

Every month we'll launch new styles. That month the product is possible to preorder with a generous discount. The orders will be manufactured within 2-3 weeks and shipped to you as soon as they're ready. The shipping will take approximately 5-10 days within Europe in most cases 

Free shipping

We now also offer free standard shipping world wide including tracking number and insurance. 



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