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Posted on June 21 2018


Today I'm going through a little bit more in detail what our Light Linen Home Kimono is about. This was created to wear as an alternative for all our old saggy pants, t-shirts and leggings which has lost they elasticity already for a long ago. This piece or set together with semi harem pants in the same colour & material was made to make you feel just little better about yourself when you're at home.

I wish we could appreciate more ourselves and wear something more uplifting when we spend time at home. And remember the more you wear it the nicer it gets. It softens in every wash and wrinkles makes it just extra comfy.

Linen home kimono


This's a kimono style top with wrap around ties, you know those which you put through a hole on the other side and cross behind your back and tie in front. This tieing style keeps the kimono better in place particularly when the kimono is a little bit looser. Otherwise, it tends to open up in the front which you need to correct once in a while. It has wide sleeves but not overly so and they are cropped to reach approximately above the wrist so they don't disturb you while you're doing something. The kimono neckline is narrow for a lighter look.

The fabric is lightweight linen which feels light and airy. It's breathing gives a nice flowing feel.

The colour in this kimono at the moment is light grey. It's June 2018 now. it's not light blueish other than when the fabric is wet but this has disappeared after couple washes. Don't ever use bleach if the fabric has another colour than pure white.


These pants, when I wear them out in public people want to buy them immediately. The crotch is low but not too baggy and heavy as so often in harem pants. They get more narrow lower down at vades and can be rolled up for a more relaxed look. It has a double elastic waistband for maximum comfort. These pants are so easy to wear everywhere when you' re looking for a more relaxed and casual look and feel.



In the label, it says either 30 or 40 dg C wash depending of the fabric but both can be washed in 40C (cold). Straighten the piece when you hang it for drying. A softener can be used on hard water areas. Tumble dry if you prefer and finish it before the clothes are fully dry. Hang to dry the rest.


So get yourself a comfortable piece of clothing to wear at home, our LINEN HOME KIMONO  and LINEN SEMI HAREM PANTS.

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Linen home kimono


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