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Posted on June 18 2018

It's not always so easy to get a clear understanding what a product is really like when we see the pictures online. So let us today look at our light linen kimono robe little closer to give you a clearer image what this robe is about.


This robe was created for those warmer mornings when you quickly want to wrap something around you. This robe is made of light weight linen and therefor it's airy and breathing. It's a lighter alternative to often so heavy and bulky cotton terry robes which often particularly in the summer are too heavy and warm. This linen robe makes a morning feel fresh and more stylish too. 


Light linen kimono robe



This a classical robe in kimono style. It has a 4 cm - 1 3/4 inch wide kimono collar which doesn't rise too high behind the neck leaving the neckline naturally open.

The sleeves in the robe are slightly cropped and they aren't too wide so they won't disturb while preparing a breakfast or doing other thing at home. The robe has a regular fit and it's not meant to be too big and saggy what often linen clothes are. It gives a nice feminine feel with its lightness and shape. 

It has two side pockets which always are appreciated when you need to carry something with you or you just want keep your hands in. The belt keeps it around your body and there's two belt loops on the sides.


The length is right below knees for a 170cm (5"7) tall person like me and it fits perfectly together with our light linen loose pants if you want to be more dressed up. The pants are about 4/5 of full length to keep a lighter flowing feel. The pants are straight and has an elastic band in the waist. 


The colour what we have now in June 2018 is dark grey, somewhat lighter how it looks in the images. The fabric is not shiny. 


As always with linen its extremely comfortable to wear because its ability to regulate the temperature. It's hygienic and doesn't develop a bad odour. Caring is easy, just throw it in the washing machine and hang dry preferably in a hanger and it dries extremely fast. Before hanging it shake and straighten it. If you use a dryer, stop the program before the clothes are all dry and hang to fully dry.  In a hard water area it can be good idea to use softener. Otherwise just iron it slightly after spraying it with little bit water.

This fabric in our testes shrinks about 1,5% to its true size in the first wash. 

So head to our shop and buy you a robe.

LIGHT LINEN KIMONO ROBE can be found in our shop here.


Light linen kimono robe




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