• The difficulty finding clothes


    Posted on June 13 2018

    The difficulty finding clothes
    The overwhelming selection of clothes, fashion and styles in shops and online still leave us often empty-handed or make us buy something we never will use. In this ocean of clothes and styles we still often feel that we don't find the type of clothes we really like. How is this even possible and what actually happens in the fashion industry as well as within us when we meet the industry as consumers?
  • When something is calling you


    Posted on May 17 2018

    When something is calling you
    For over ten years ago I started to read business related books. Those kind of books which are written to change our minds and thinking. I read tens of book, I listened continuously to audio recordings of interviews of business people and thinkers. They all effected me deeply.
  • Don't run when others do


    Posted on May 16 2018

    Don't run when others do
    When there's a strong moment to one direction there will always start an other one to move to an other direction. I guess buddhists would say here that why move at all when you can just be where you are and I believe that they're right.
  • Clothes which work


    Posted on April 12 2018

    Clothes which work
    Everyone has to have their own identity but when things are constantly pushed into "so very different than anything else" we also start to loose something. We loose actually the whole purpose what all these things actually are for.
  • What do you wear at home?


    Posted on January 09 2018

    What do you wear at home?
    I wanted to ask if anyone else has been in a situation at home wearing old saggy pants and polyester knits just because you want to wear something comfy, but ended up hoping that no one would appear behind your door because you don't want them to see you looking like that?