• The effortless Scandinavian


    Posted on April 17 2019

    The effortless Scandinavian
    So there it was. Clothes for real life. Those moments at home doing nothing or doing everything what life actually is about, the daily living, the simple moments in every day of the week. Never mind if you forget to change the clothes when you go out, you still would look good but in a very effortless way. Nothing too complicated or fancy.
  • What is Scandinavian interior clothing?


    Posted on January 06 2019

    What is Scandinavian interior clothing?
    There's no doubt that the world hasn't fallen in love with Scandinavian interior design. This design style creates calming and simple interiors which are both practical and modern. The color palett is often moving in between white-grey-black-beige tones making everything to look harmonious and calming. We can just assume that it might be our common desire to live in a space which reflects clarity, light, cosiness and where things are kept well organised that draw us liking Scandinavian interiors. At least so it's for me.