The consumer's confusion


Posted on June 08 2018

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When we're looking for something to buy but end up coming home with empty hands, browsing unsuccessfully online or buying something we never will wear is not only annoying and disappointing but also waste of money. We often end up acting on impulses which more often lead us to disappointments later on. Sounds so familiar maybe. Consumer's confusion

Understanding the consumer's confusion

The overwhelmingness of styles, trends, colours and materials make our heads to spin which creates a consumer anxiety and a lot of unsuccessful buying choices. We get heavily influenced by everything we see in stores, advertisements, magazines and different social media platforms. All this visual noice often causes us acting impulsively or just leaving us totally confused because we don't know anymore what we really like, need or who we actually even are. We have lost the connection to our true needs and even to ourselves. Deep stuff.

All the visual noise around us make us running after all the latest trends in a hope of getting a perfect life.

Finding our true needs and what is essential

Everything becomes easier when we simply just stop running. If we just could pause a moment and ask a couple of questions before going any further would save us many money and nerves too. So when we're out there searching it's good to just calm down, have a second thought and ask do I really need this, is this really something I would wear or is this only for some special occasions which hardly ever occur. Our true needs become clearer and choices wiser when we're not so heavily ruled by created fantasies how we would like to look. We still can enjoy beautiful things and buy them when we want but we do everything much more consciously.

So ask the following questions next time you'll like to buy something.

  • Does this fit my actual lifestyle?
  • When would I wear this and how often?
  • Is this piece so trendy that tomorrow it's so yesterday?
  • Does it feel natural and easy to wear this piece of clothing?
  • Does it actually fit me, my style and other clothes I have?
  • Am I influenced by others opinions such as a seller or a friend?
  • Do I already have something similar?

Every time I've personally managed to ask these questions and have chosen not to buy or that I choose wiser what I would have bought had made me happier in the long term. I choose better clothes which I wear and enjoy more which always makes me feel good. Very often we're looking for instant gratification but if we just take a small break and calm down it'll lead us to a calmer place where everything looks clearer.

As you probably have seen we make clothes. We're still very young. The core principles with our clothes are that they're easy to wear, useful and comfortable. Sign up to our newsletter to follow our start journey how we want to simplify the lives of women when it comes to clothing. I can't promise I can change the world but I might be able to change someone's day and how they feel about themselves. So get closer, we're right here.




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