The difficulty finding clothes


Posted on June 13 2018

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The overwhelming selection of clothes, fashion and styles in shops and online still leave us often empty-handed or make us buy something we never will use. In this ocean of clothes and styles we still often feel that we don't find the type of clothes we really like. How is this even possible and what actually happens in the fashion industry as well as within us when we meet the industry as consumers?

Difficulty finding clothes

Difficulty finding clothes


The fashion industry is like any other industry, its main goal is to keep us consuming. Fashion trends with their ever-changing styles are there to create a need of continues change. No-one wants to look "so yesterday" and that keep us buying new.

The other problem with the fashion industry is that it´s often heavily labelling. Every trendy style has a name whether it's boho, minimalistic, classical, preppy, sporty, girly, chabby chic, vintage, rock'n roll, gothic or posh what we somehow should identify ourselves with. Even different political opinions, ideologies, belief systems, ethnic backgrounds or religions are quite easy to spot on people's clothes when we see them.

The first problem occurs when we feel that we don't really belong under any pre-given label. You just know that it's not for you. It's simply not you.

The second problem occurs when fashionable and trendy clothes don't really fit your lifestyle. The clothes are unpractical, suitable only for special occasions or work and therefore difficult to wear in our everyday life which isn't often that flashy. Many of us often live a pretty regular life and clothes should be something that fit easily into that.

So does fashion industry really understand who you are and what you really need? My personal opinion is that it does it very poorly.

Either the clothes are too fashionable and unpractical or boringly basic mass production in bad quality fabrics. 


This's the most important thing to undertsand when choosing clothes: Clothes need to work in our daily life. They should not be too complicated or feel restricting when we wear them. They should be easy to put on in the morning and wear throughout the day. They should be comfortable but still esthetically look nice.

Some tips to think through what type of clothes could work best in your casual life:


Natural materials are the most comfortable to wear. They're breathing, gives less bad body odour, regulates the temperature better and simply feels nice on the skin. Popular natural materials to choose from in clothing: linen, wool, cotton, hemp and silk.


Choose simple styles which are easy to combine together. Find the style that suits your body type. Choose comfortable styles, for example, elastic waist, looser fit and relaxed feel.


Stay in colours which you like most and which are easy to combine together. Do you fit in earthy and warm tones or more cold and colourful ones? Remember that it's easy to add colour to your clothes with accessories.

You don't have to be fashionable. You just need to feel good in the clothes you're wearing so that you can live the life you're living.

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