The pain in learning


Posted on May 15 2018

I started my company about a year ago out of a simple idea to make clothes for people what they can easily wear every day. Nice materials, simple timeless style and usefulness as my core idea. The first year has been full of mad occasions, extremely lot of work, constant learning and pain. I've made so many mistakes. But as they say they should not been called mistakes but rather part of the learning process. I could have done things easier, much easier but we have to walk the walk until we know better. I've had an experienced businessman as my mentor and I've listened to him very carefully. I've taken his advices seriously when I've understood that he makes so much sense. I've chosen differently in some situations and understood later that he was right. In some other things my own decision has bought the result I've been looking for. But mostly I've listened, carefully. Learning is growing and at the end you hardly recognice yourself. It's hard to summarize the chance it has made in one short year. 😮 Some days I just need to get distance from everything and get the relaxation which is so essential for all of us sometimes. In some magical way all the problems will be solved quicker and more efficiently when the mind is relaxed and refreshed. A long swim in the sea does wonders for that. 


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