The robe from the inside


Posted on June 04 2019

Today we'll look into the robe on the inside and see closer to all the details it has. I'll also tell you why we have chosen to construct it in a way we have and put little bit more effort how it looks also on the inside.

We have stitched the robe and the short kimono top with French seams which indeed is a sign of high quality seams to make the seams as soft, seamless and in as high quality as possible. The purpose is also to make the robe look nice even when it's open when everything becomes visible. We've particularly wanted to avoid any visible stitches on the frontside and therefor chosen French seam which is commonly used in high quality seams. Even the pockets are stitched with he same method to make them look good when the robe is open. This works very well in robes and and the kimono top.

The robe has two side pockets which are deep enough to give hands & arms a relaxed feel.

The robe has inner ties to fixate it better so it stays closed even when you're moving and have therefor no need to correct it on the front which so often is necessary with wrap around clothes.

The belt is a thin cord type of belt to give a light an d feminine feel to it. The robe can also therefor be worn as an effortless wrap around dress.

In the neck there's a loop so it can be hung to a hook or in a hanger.
On the product pages for the robe I've now added additional images of the details but here are some too.
Linen robe caaria
Thin belt and belt loops linen robe caaria
Linen robe from the inside caaria


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