What do you wear at home?


Posted on January 09 2018

Hello and welcome to CAARIA's blog and webshop. My name is Ria and I'm the founder of a new clothing brand CAARIA.

I wanted to ask if anyone else has been in a situation at home wearing old saggy pants and polyester knits just because you want to wear something comfy, but ended up hoping that no one would appear behind your door because you don't want them to see you looking like that?

Well, I have. Hundreds of times I have found myself in the mirror looking horrible only because I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy while I'm at home doing anything special. I wore beige leggings with a mustard coloured cardigan which I wrapped around with a grey scarf because it didn't have a belt. In my feet, I had stripy multicoloured socks and big brown felted slippers. Honestly. That wasn't a beautiful sight. I hang around at home in a timeworn fleece and baggy cotton/polyester jersey pants hoping deeply every time that no one would suddenly appear behind my door. Not even the prince charming on a white horse. No thank you. Some other time for me. He would have done a U-turn anyway.

I started to seriously think about if there could be others suffering from the same problem, a difficulty to find nice looking clothes for our leisure moments at home or other more casual occasions. And all this in fantastic natural materials, because they simply are unbeatable compared to synthetic fibres which our stores are full of today. And all this in a style which would be fresh, simple and classical.

So why not looking great and feeling comfortable while at home.
Yes. Why not?

For nearly 20 years working in a hospital in an extremely stressful and challenging environment, me going through a very difficult burn-out and multiple setbacks and collapses after that and trying desperately to get better I finally came to a conclusion that I needed to make a radical change in my life. I finally understood that I really wanted to drive my own business.

All this in a combination with my problem to find nice looking clothes for home use could be a problem also for many other women. From my desire to run my own business I created my own clothing brand CAARIA which makes home and casual wear clothes for women in natural materials.

We have all those easily worn kimonos, robes, shirts and loose pants in linen and wool what you just quickly put on, feels and looks great.

Our ambition and deepest will are to make you feel comfortable in yourself when you come home from work and change to something more comfortable or you get up a Sunday morning to chill around at home the day.

Those are the moments when we want CAARIA to be with you.
We truly want you to feel good about yourself when you actually can be with yourself. It's important.

For all those moments in life when you can relax and enjoy yourself at home.


Warmest wishes from Ria at CAARIA








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