What is Scandinavian interior clothing?


Posted on January 06 2019

There's no doubt that the world has fallen in love with Scandinavian interior design. This design style creates calming and simple interiors which are both practical and modern. The color palett is often moving in between white-grey-black-beige tones making everything to look harmonious and calming. We can just assume that it might be our common desire to live in a space which reflects clarity, light, cosiness and where things are kept well organised that draw us liking Scandinavian interiors. At least so it's for me.

Clothes for the real life

For a while ago I decided to start a company and start creating my own clothing line. I'm passionate about everything what is practical, useful, nice looking and that feels good. I wanted to bring this also in clothing and therefor I wanted to focus on clothes which suit to our everyday life. Those easy clothes that you just pull on when you're at home or otherwise very casual. No further thinking, just easy clothes that still would both look and feel nice.


Scandistyle Henrik Nero



Scandistyle Henrik Nero


Image: @henriknero 


Scandinavian interior clothing

I started to imagine how people who live in these scandihomes would actually look like. I couldn't see them walking around in old pair of Adidas or in a smelly fleece jacket. No. I was sure they wanted look and feel as fabulous as their homes following the same principals than rest of the interior. We belong together with our environment. Our environment and clothing reflects who we're. They're the same in two complementing dimensions. 

I never liked the words "lounge wear", "home wear" or "leisure wear" so I developed my own term INTERIOR CLOTHING which describes us and what we do better than any other term. 

We make clothes that breaths out the same air than Scandinavian interior design. They belong together; the human who lives in her/his scandi inspired home wearing clothing that reflects the same philosophy of that simpleness and clarity which makes us feel so good.

Launching new products 2019

So you're warmly welcome to CAARIA's interior clothing world where the human being living in these beautiful environments has been brought into a well deserved focus. 

We have now started with our presales of this Scandinavian kimono knit set in black colour. It has a beautiful silhouette and it's very comfy to wear yet still so useful and practical. It's made out of cotton/linen blend and it's stretchy but still steady. Go and have a look here. If you order in January you'll get -30%.


Scandi knit kimono set in cotton/linen.


Scandi loungewear kimono set


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  • Marléne : March 18, 2019

    Lovely is the Word!..Both for your description of your passion and for your clothes🤗😍😘👌💪💞💎🧘‍♀️🙏 Hugs//M 😀

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