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Posted on April 23 2019

For a long time I've wanted to tell my story and some day I'll. Today I'll give you a short version of who we're, a sneak peak to a much longer story. I want to give you an idea what is it what you support when you buy from us.

What do you buy

When you buy from us you support

• people in one of Europe’s poorest country Bulgaria where average salary level is 300€/month

• you support 100% European production from fabric to manufacturing

• small business where everything is managed with my own work effort and without financial investors. I've used my own savings and have not taken any loans or credits.

• Who made your clothes? Iliana did. She’s by far the nicest woman I’ve worked with. She’s now making the orders ready by Thursday before the local orthodox Easter holiday next weekend. She’ll be back 2/5. She doesn’t want me to take pictures of her and that’s why you don’t see her.

• You support one woman’s total life transformation when I 2015 sold everything I had, took my cat and moved to Crete to a village I had found on Google Earth to recover from stress and multiple burnouts after years working in hospitals doing what I should not be doing until I stopped compromising and said goodbye. Oh man I was done! 2017 I planted a seed called CAARIA still feeling incredibly fragile but braver than many others. What this all was a year ago and what’s today is a huge difference both visibly and invisibly and I continue doing what I love doing every single day.

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