• Don't run when others do


    Posted on May 16 2018

    Don't run when others do
    When there's a strong moment to one direction there will always start an other one to move to an other direction. I guess buddhists would say here that why move at all when you can just be where you are and I believe that they're right.
  • Clothes which work


    Posted on April 12 2018

    Clothes which work
    Everyone has to have their own identity but when things are constantly pushed into "so very different than anything else" we also start to loose something. We loose actually the whole purpose what all these things actually are for.
  • Smalltalk of big transformations


    Posted on March 24 2018

    Smalltalk of big transformations
    I was talking to a friend about everything what I'm doing with project, brand and company. It's an incredible transformation what you'll go through when you change your goals and start to define truly define what you want to do. We can have many interests, dreams and wishes but make then become true isn't always so easy.
  • CAARIA wool cardigan for the cold spring


    Posted on March 22 2018

    CAARIA wool cardigan for the cold spring
    The days are still chilly. Spring time is often deceitful. The sun warms you easily up but the raw winds sneaks easily under the skin. It can get freezing cold in milliseconds.
  • Clothes should be easy


    Posted on March 21 2018

    Clothes should be easy
    Once I started to imagine how our clothes should look like there was one thing which was essential. They should be easy to wear. The piece of clothing should be something you just easily wrap around or throw on you in the morning and you would be ready for the day.