About us

CAARIA is a new clothing brand which creates home and casual wear in natural materials for women. Our clothes are for the relaxed and comfortable lifestyle and are easy to wear when you're at home or want to have something comfortable to wear in your everyday life. CAARIA clothes are the ones to wear when getting up from the bed, spending some time at home or out. You'll always feel comfortable but still look great.

Our collection is made of linen and wool with a modern and fresh look. We have robes, kimonos, pants, and shirts which are easy to combine together.

CAARIA style is simple, timeless, and suitable for many body types. Our colours are calming and earthy.

Our materials are natural to give you the most comfortable feel and nature will thank you too.

Our fabrics and garments are made in Europe by small or medium-sized manufactures where workers are working in good and fair conditions.

Let's keep our life as simple as possible at least when we're off from our often busy and challenging life. Let's just relax and spend some good, comfy and enjoyable moments with ourselves and others near us. 

Thank you for buying from CAARIA and supporting European made clothes.

We truly love to make you feel home in you.



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