Caaria is a new clothing brand creating home & casual wear for women in natural materials.

The style is:

  • effortless
  • useful
  • comfortable


Our style has simple silhuettes with Scandinavian tones. We use only natural materials to give the best comfort.

Our why

As an alternative to  rapidly changing fashion styles and synthetic materials we want to offer easily wearable and timeless clothes in natural materials that suit into our casual common life.

We want to reduce the overwhelmingness in styles and fashion into more practical thinking but still keep it interesting by letting the simplicity in clothes speak together with a texture of a fabric.

We want people to feel good and relaxed in our clothing. We want our clothes to have an authentic feel and be easily suitable in the casual lifestyle.


Where are our clothes made

We also wanted to bring the manufacturing back to Europe and avoid the feel of mass manufactured and produced clothes so currently our clothes are made in Bulgaria in a small atelier. The working conditions for workers are good and they are paid reasonable wages.


The person behind CAARIA

My name is Ria and I turned my passion for textiles into a idea of a clothing brand after I had worked nearly twenty years in the health care industry. I'm originally from Finland but have been working in different countries in Scandinavia and UK for nearly 20 years.

Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or just want to say hi.




Founder of CAARIA