Returns and cancellations

We want you to love what you ordered, but if something isn't right, let us know.

Our return policy is:

  • You can return unwashed and unworn products in the original condition bought on this Website.
  • We accept returns within 14 days after the arrival.
  • The shipping of a returned product is at the expense of the customer from every country. Our recommendation is to use a postal or courier service which provides a tracking number. Only when the item has returned to us the money refund can be made.
  • When you want to return an item/s send us an email to We'll provide you with the correct information how to handle your return. 
  • The money will be refunded when the product arrives to us in the original condition.


Our cancellation policy is:

You can cancel your order within 6 hrs after it has been made in our webshop. If you want to cancel your order, forwards us back your order confirmation email to 

Editing your order:

We don't currently provide a possibility to edit your order after it has been placed by changing, removing or adding items in it. In case you want to change something in your order you need to cancel your first order and then make a new. This must be done within 6 hrs after ordering.


Money refunds

It normally takes couple banking days until you can see the refund on your bank account or credit card.